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Aircraft took off from Zagreb to Brussels, Rome, Sarajevo, London and Munich

As we announced before, from today Croatia Airlines resummed flight operations from Zagreb to number of its destinations.

After a long break, aircrafts took off from Zagreb to Brussels, Rome, Sarajevo, London and Munich, flight are resumed earlier to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Zurich and Frankfurt.

First flights and load factors

On the first flight from Zagreb to Brussels there were 35 passengers, while from Brussels to Zagreb there were 68 passengers. On this route Croatia Airlines used DashQ400 aircraft with the capacity of 76 passengers, reg. mark 9A-CQD.

The Zagreb - Split - Rome route is also introduced from today. 59 passengers departed from Zagreb to Rome and Split. Same aircraft was used on this route too, reg. mark 9A-CQC.

From now on Zagreb is connected with Sarajevo Airport as well. On the first flight there were 41 passengers to Sarajevo, and 16 from the capital of BiH. Dash was on this route too, reg. mark 9A-CQB.

On the first flight after long break to London Heathrow A319 was operating (9A-CTL), with 63 passengers onboard.

Earlier re-introduced flights

On the Zagreb - Copenhagen route there were 47 passengers, while in the opposite way there were 54 of them.

A319 was used on the route to Amsterdam with 95 passengers onboard. 102 passengers arrived to Zagreb from Amsterdam.

On the morning flight to Zurich there were 63 passengers, while from Zurich 70 passengers came to Zagreb. Afternoon flight from Zagreb carried 24 passengers.

Croatia Airlines is flying double daily to Frankfurt. On a morning flight from Zagreb there were 142 passengers, while in the opposite way A320 carried 137 passengers. Afternoon flight from Zagreb had 107 passengers, but A319 aircraft was used on this afternoon flight.

Active Croatia Airlines fleet, screenshot: FR24

Croatia Airlines will fly for the first time after long break to Dublin, and will operate charter flight to Tunisia. This Thursday first flight will depart from Zagreb to Vienna.

Dubrovnik recorded its first international flight this summer season today, on a regular route from Riga A220-300 landed to Dubrovnik Airport, operated by Air Baltic, as we announced it earlier.

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