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Air Serbia resuming flights to Zagreb from today, will fly to 5 airports in Croatia

Air Serbia, national airline of Serbia, will today resume flights on the Belgrade - Zagreb - Belgrade route, while other routes to Croatia are expected to resume in the next few days.

Air Serbia will operate first flight on Belgrade - Zagreb route today evening with ATR75 aircraft, booking on first flight is low. The route will be in service daily starting from today.

Air Serbia already resumed flight on the Belgrade - Split route. The airline operated first flight on Sunday, June 28th, and will continue to operate between two cities two times per week, every Friday and Sunday.

The airline will resume flights to Dubrovnik too. The Dubrovnik - Belgrade route will operate from July 3rd with two weekly flights, every Monday and Friday, while from July 15th the weekly frequency will be increased to three, adding one more flight every Wednesday.

Air Serbia will resume flights to Zadar. The Belgrade - Zadar route will start operating from July 11th with two weekly flights, every Tuesday and Saturday.

Well-known seasonal route between Belgrade and Pula will start operating from July 10th with 3 weekly flights, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On the routes to Zagreb, Pula and Zadar the airline will use ATR75 aircraft, while on routes to Dubrovnik and Split Air Serbia will also use a larger A319 aircraft.

The Belgrade - Rijeka route is not on sale during this summer season at the moment.

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