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Air Serbia canceled flights from Belgrade to Zadar and Pula

Serbia national air carrier is not offering regular direct flights from its hub in Belgrade to Pula and Zadar in Croatia.

Well-known seasonal route between Belgrade and Pula was supposed to resume on the beginning of July but that did not happen. There were 3 scheduled flights per week (4th one was canceled for entire season earlier this year, after the outbreak of the pandemic), every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Air Serbia used ATR 72-500 aircraft on this route, which has a capacity of 70 passengers.

The airline established this route back in June 2014. and was flying regularly between two cities every summer season. However, all flights on this route are now out of sale for entire summer season 2020. and it is obvious that the airline will not resume flights this year between Belgrade and Pula.

Just as reminder, Air Serbia canceled all flights between Belgrade and Rijeka for this summer season as well.

The Belgrade - Zadar route, which was launched in the summer schedule 2019. for the first time with 2 weekly flights, and it was scheduled for this summer season as well, is also canceled for entire season.

Air Serbia is currently flying to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, but flight cancelation on some dates is not rare, especially on the Belgrade - Zagreb route.

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