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Air France will resume flights to three destinations in Croatia

Air France announced today plan to resume flight operations to its destinations in the Europe and world, including three destinations in Croatia.

Air France was planning to add second daily flight to Croatia (which would mean 14 weekly flights between Paris and Zagreb), but due to the pandemic situation that would not happen this year.

The company will increase number of flights in the next following weeks, but the current flight plan is:

  • The Paris - Zagreb route, service resumption from July 1st, 3 times per week (Mon, Wed, Sat),

  • The Paris - Split route, service resumption from July 13th, 4 times per week (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun),

  • The Paris - Dubrovnik route, service resumption from July 4th, 2 times per week (Sat and Sun). On this route Air France will add one more weekly flight, every Monday, from July 13th.

On the routes from Paris to Zagreb and Dubrovnik AF will use A319, A320 and A321 aircraft types, which means capacity from 143 to 212 passenger seats per flight.

On the route from Paris to Split HOP! will operate for Air France with Embraer E190 aircraft which has a capacity of 100 seats in passenger cabin.

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