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Air France: Direct flights to Dubrovnik and Zagreb in October

Air France made some changes in its schedule until end of October this year. This famous airline will continue to operate direct flights from Paris to Zagreb and Dubrovnik until the end of this summer season.

Air France resumed regular flights from Paris (Charles de Gaulle Airport) to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik. Flights on those routes operated regularly since the resumption date, without last-minute cancelation by the airline.

The number of weekly operations was increased on the end of July, Air France had 34 flights per week to Croatia until the end of August. At the end of August, the airline suspended Paris - Split route which was operating 6 times per week this summer season.

The airline announced its plan to introduce second daily flight to Zagreb (14 flights per week) but that plan was made before the outbreak of the global pandemic so airline later canceled those flights. However, in August the airline scheduled two daily flights to Zagreb 4 times per week, Air France operated just few second-daily flights and than canceled them all due to the low demand.

Air France reduced the number of weekly flights to Dubrovnik on the beginning of September (from 4 to 3 flights per week), while flights to Zagreb are operating daily this month.

During the October this year, the Paris - Dubrovnik route will continue to operate 3 times per week, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (until October 24th). The Paris - Zagreb route should operate daily through October but it is not clear what will happen with this route during the winter schedule, we will need to wait a little bit more to see if Air France will continue to operate direct flights to the Croatian capital during the winter months.

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