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Air France canceled second daily flight to Zagreb, currently offers 34 flights a week to Croatia

Although Air France announced the introduction of the second daily flight on the Paris -Zagreb route, they did not materialize for now.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, Air France announced the introduction of a second daily flight to Zagreb, the company planned to offer 14 direct flights a week between Paris and Zagreb, but due to reduced demand they were abandoned. The second daily flight was to land from Paris to Zagreb in the late evening, spend the night in Zagreb, and make a return flight to Paris early the next morning.

However, in July, the company announced 11 weekly flights on the Paris - Zagreb route, where two daily flights are planned every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, but this also did not materialize. Air France thus operates seven times a week between the two cities, with one flight a day.

Air France operates regular flights to Split and Dubrovnik, where flights take place as planned; to Split six times a week (every day except Saturday), and to Dubrovnik four times a week (Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays).

Croatia Airlines operates to Paris from Split once a week, from Dubrovnik three times a week, and from Zagreb every day.

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