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Air France and KLM to add more flights to Croatia

Air France and KLM resumed serivce from Paris and Amsterdam to Croatia from the beginning of this month (Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split).

In the last press release, airlines confirmed that will add more flights to Croatia by the end of this month or beginning of August. Here is new timetable for destinations in Croatia.

Air France will add more weekly flights

Air France resumed flights to Croatia on the beginning of July (except Split, will resume from the middle of July), and company already confirmed more weekly flights on the following routes:

The Paris - Dubrovnik route will operate 4 times per week (from August 01st). Until mentioned date, there will be 2 weekly flights. From August, flights will run every Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Paris - Split route, from July 27th, will operate 6 times per week (until mentioned date 3 times per week), every day except Saturday.

The Paris - Zagreb route is currently operating 4 times per week, but from July 27th there will be 11 weekly flights! Air France will significantly increase the number of weekly flights to Zagreb. There will be two daily flights every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. One daily flight is available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

On all routes to Croatia the airline will use A319/320/321 aircraft, exception is Split where airline will deploy E190 aircraft with the capacity of 100 seats.

Operational changes from KLM

Just one day after we published info that Croatia Airlines will add one more weekly flight between Amsterdam and Zagreb, KLM published its schedule for August, there are news about routes to Croatia as well.

The Amsterdam - Split route is operating from July 4th with one daily flight, but from August 3rd there will be 13 weekly flights! 2 flights every day, exception is only Saturday when there will be one daily flight. The airline will deploy B737-700 aircraft on this route.

The Amsterdam - Zagreb route is currently operating just 3 times per week, but from August 3rd there will be 4 flights per week more, which means that KLM will run daily flights between two cities. Since the Croatia Airlines will soon start to operate 8 times per week on this route, in total there will be 15 weekly flights between two cities.

KLM scheduled B737-700 aircraft for Zagreb service, which will be significant increase in capacity on this route, since the airline used E175 and E190 aircraft which has less available seats in passenger cabin than B737-700.

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