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Air Baltic cancels flights, only one route remains active!

Air Baltic, Latvia's national carrier based in Riga, planned to operate regular flights to Croatia in September, however, flights on almost all routes are now canceled.

This company resumed regular traffic to Croatia very early, back in June, and it was also the first international route after a complete lockdown for Rijeka Airport. The company operates new A220 aircraft on all routes to Croatia.

The Riga - Dubrovnik route has been scheduled once a week in September, every Monday, but the company has been canceling flights on this route for some time. Currently, flights from September 14th are on sale again, but it is expected that those flights will also be canceled.

The Riga - Split route is also scheduled once a week through September, every Friday, and the same thing happens here - the company had the last flight on this route on August 21st, while all flights after that date were canceled. Air Baltic is offering direct flights on this route again from September 18th, but as is the case with the Dubrovnik route, it is obvious that the company will not return to Split Airport this year and will cancel the rest of the scheduled flights.

On the Riga - Rijeka route, the last flight operated flight was on August 19th, it was originally planned that the last flight would be on September 16th, but in the meantime all departures have been canceled and the company no longer offers direct flights between the two cities.

The last, fourth Air Baltic route, also a completely new route that started operating this year, Vilnius - Dubrovnik, is the only one that operates regularly and Air Baltic plans to maintain it until the end of this month (September 25), once a week, every Friday.

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