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Aeroflot will resume flights between Moscow and Split

Russian Aeroflot announced service resumption on its seasonal route between Moscow and Split. At this moment, there is no resumption date for the Moscow - Zagreb route.

Russian national airline, which is normally flying daily, year-round, between Moscow (Sheremetyevo Airport) and Zagreb, and seasonally between Moscow and Split, announced service resumption to Croatia.

Starting from August 1st the airline will resume the Moscow - Split route which will be operating every day with the A321 aircraft (capacity of 183 passengers seats).

At this moment there is no service resumption date for the Moscow - Zagreb route, all flights for August are canceled and not on sale anymore.

Aeroflot announced big strategic change in the business. The carrier will, from now on, focus on the long-haul operations, while the Pobeda airline (low-budget airline) and Rossiya Airlines will take over other routes from Aeroflot's network. There is no official statement regarding this plan and planned implementation date, but it is possible that the airline will soon start with the implementation of this plan.

Aeroflot was flying daily through the whole year before the outbreak of the pandemic between Zagreb and Moscow, while Split service was available only during the summer season.

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