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Aeroflot plans 4 routes to Croatia this summer!

The Russian national airline plans to resume traffic to Croatia at the end of April.

Russian Aeroflot suspended traffic to Croatia in the spring of 2020 and has not operated on regular flights to Croatian airports since. However, in the summer of 2021, the company plans to return to Croatia, and a new route is being prepared.

The company currently plans to resume operations on the Moscow - Zagreb - Moscow route from Thursday, April 29th. From that date, daily flights between the two cities with A320 aircraft are available.

Given that Aeroflot previously announced the start of traffic on this route and then postponed it, this possibility still exists, but this summer we should have a direct flights available between the capitals of Moscow and Croatia. Interestingly, Aeroflot just resumed traffic to Ljubljana a few days ago, and has been operating to Belgrade for a while now.

From June 1st, the Moscow - Split - Moscow route should be in traffic again, also daily during the summer flight schedule. As in previous years, Aeroflot will use a larger aircraft on this route - the A321.

The company plans to re-establish the Moscow - Dubrovnik - Moscow route in the upcoming summer flight schedule, but the flight schedule has not yet been confirmed and tickets on this route are not yet on sale on the company's official website.

A positive surprise could be Aeroflot's intention of introduction the Moscow - Pula - Moscow route, Pula airport confirmed that negotiations are currently underway and they hope that Russia's national carrier will decide to establish a route to and from Pula during this summer season. At the moment when the traffic on this route will be confirmed, we will prepare a special article about it.

Aeroflot is the national and largest airline in the Russian Federation. The company was founded in 1923, which makes it one of the oldest in the world. According to the announcement from 01.02.2021. the company's fleet consists of 236 aircraft with an average age of only 5.7 years. The fleet consists of:

  • 19 B777,

  • 47 B737,

  • 01 A350,

  • 16 A330,

  • 33 A321,

  • 72 A320,

  • 48 SSJ100.

On the routes to Croatia, the company mainly uses A320 and A321 aircraft, while on the route to Zagreb in the winter months smaller SSJ100 is in use. In addition to point-to-point passengers, Aeroflot carries a significant number of passengers (mostly tourists) from China, South Korea and Japan, so the occupancy of aircraft to Croatia will largely depend on passenger restrictions to and from these countries and their ability to travel.

Under normal circumstances, Croatia Airlines operates in the summer flight schedule on the Zagreb - St. Petersburg - Zagreb route, this route is currently not scheduled to operate during the summer flight schedule this year for now.

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