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Aegean delays flights to Croatia

Although the Aegean Airlines initially announced the launch of routes to Croatia for June and July, the company made some changes and postponed all routes to Croatian destinations for September.


Aegean Airlines has announced and released sales on the Athens - Zagreb, Athens - Dubrovnik and Athens - Split routes from the end of June and the beginning of July, but the company has completely canceled flights on the mentioned routes in the last operational changes and now plans to operate them from the beginning of September.

This well-known Greek airline, which expressed interest in buying Croatia Airlines, is now announcing flights from Athens to Zagreb from September 2nd, to Split from September 1st, and to Dubrovnik from September 3rd.

We can expect that the company will make more changes in the coming period, which leaves the possibility of completely canceling the seasonal routes from Athens to Dubrovnik and Split, and performing only one between Greece and Croatia, the one between Athens and Zagreb. We will continue to monitor the status of reservations and operational changes of the company and notify you on time.

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