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A340 from Las Vegas landed to Dubrovnik Airport

Today at 11:30 AM A340-541 aircraft landed in Dubrovnik Airport from Las Vegas International Airport (USA).

Private aircrafts are not something new in Dubrovnik Airport, especially nowadays when the regular flights are quite rare, but it is rare to see wide-body aircraft in Dubrovnik Airport, especially in VIP version. Of course, Dubrovnik Airport will not say who arrived with this beautiful aircraft in the city today.

A340-541 aircraft with reg. mark VP-BMS from the Las Vegas Sands Corporation company has a maximal speed of 915 km/h and aircraft can fly almost 16 700 kilometers without stop.

In classic passenger configuration aircraft can carry up to 440 people, but this is a VIP version so the maximal number of passengers is 60. Since the maximum number of passengers in low, you can imagine how the aircrafts is equipped.

You can check the luxury of this aircraft in the following video, this plane landed at Dubrovnik Airport today!

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