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8 airlines coming back to Zagreb this week

As we announced before every single one, 8 airlines will resume flights to Zagreb Airport during this week.

Traffic in Zagreb Airport was quite low until now, but in last few weeks Croatia Airlines increased the number of flights on many domestic and international routes from croatian capital. The only foreign airline in Zagreb was Eurowings, which will continue to operate flights between Zagreb and Keln. Trade Air also started to operate flights on domestic route, between Osijek and Zagreb.

Traffic will significantly increase from this week. Today Austrian Airlines landed from Vienna with 26 passengers, and 36 passengers were on flight back to the Austria. This was the first flight of this airline after the cancelation of all flights due to the pandemic situation.

Austrian Airlines: Schedule to Croatia for July

On Wednesday, July 1st, Air France will resume flights on the Paris - Zagreb route, by operating 3 weekly flights between cities.

Air France: flights to Croatia from July

On the same day Turkish Airlines will come back to Zagreb as well, on the route from Istanbul. The airline is normally operating 14 flights per week during the summer season, but right now there will be 5 weekly flights between Zagreb and Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines coming back to Zagreb Airport

One more regular guest will be back in Zagreb. Qatar Airways will resume flights on Doha - Zagreb route with 3 weekly operations. Normally, the same as Turkish Airlines, Qatar flies between Doha and Zagreb double daily during the summer season.

MORE: Qatar Airways resuming flights to Zagreb

Lufthansa, which flies from Frankfurt and Munich to Zagreb, will start the Munich - Zagreb service from this Wednesday, operating 3 weekly flights.

Lufthansa published July schedule for Croatia

Air Serbia will come back from Belgrade with daily flights on this route from July 1st.

On Thursday, July 2nd, Eurowings will resume flights between Stuttgart and Zagreb, flights will operate two times a week. More details about Eurowings flights to Croatia can be found HERE.

From July 4th, KLM will come back to the croatian capital. The airline will resume flights on the Amsterdam - Zagreb route from the mentioned date, operating them, for now, 3 times pr week. More info regarding KLM flights to Croatia can be found HERE.

Croatia Airlines will continue to operate flights on domestic and international routes from Zagreb Airport, all information regarding the OU's schedule can be found on our website as well.

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