13 airlines did not come back to Zagreb Airport this summer season!

The global pandemic has significantly affected air traffic, and all airports are expected to record a decline in passenger numbers. Due to travel restrictions and reduced demand, many airlines have decided not to run their seasonal routes.

Photo: greatcirclemap.com

In the next few articles, we will go through this year's summer schedule of our airports and list all the companies that have not resumed their operations to Croatia this year. The first in line is Zagreb Airport.

1. Aegean Airlines (Athens)

The Greek national carrier launched the Athens - Zagreb route in the summer of 2018, connecting the two cities 3 times a week with a DashQ400 aircraft. The route was also scheduled for the summer flight schedule this year, and before the outbreak of the global pandemic the company announced that it planned to use higher capacity aircraft on the route (A319 and A320). After the outbreak of the pandemic, the company first postponed the start of the route for June, then for September, but soon all flights were withdrawn from sale and this route is not in operation this year.

2. Aeroflot (Moscow)

Russian Aeroflot has been a long-term user of Zagreb Airport and normally operates on the route between Moscow and Zagreb on a daily basis. In the winter flight schedule, Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft operate on the route, while in the summer flight schedule larger capacity aircraft from the A320 family are used. This route has also been completely canceled since the outbreak of the pandemic, and given the restructuring of the company itself, it remains to be seen whether Aeroflot will return to Zagreb next year.

3. Air Asia X (Bangkok)

Air Asia X has announced regular charter flights on the Bangkok - Zagreb route for May and October this year. Although there should have been only a few flights on this route, normally airlines and travel agencies would henceforth examine the market, but due to the impact of the crisis, all flights were canceled. A330-300 aircraft were scheduled on the route.

4. Air Canada Rouge (Toronto)

Air Canada Rouge launched traffic on the direct route between Toronto and Zagreb in June 2018, connecting these two cities in the summer flight schedule 4 times a week. B767-300ER aircraft were operating on the route. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the company completely canceled this route back in April. Direct flights can be booked for the spring of next year, but it remains questionable whether the company will operate this route, especially after it dropped all its wide-body aircraft from the fleet.

5. Air Transat (Toronto)

The Canadian airline introduced scheduled flights on the Toronto - Zagreb route in June 2016. The route first operated once a week, then another flight was added the following season (two in total), and in the summer of 2019 this company operated 3 times a week between Toronto and Zagreb during the peak season with A330-200 aircraft. Air Canada Rouge and Air Transat together offered 7 direct flights a week between Toronto and Zagreb in the summer of 2019!

6. Brussels Airlines (Brussels)

Brussels Airlines previously operated throughout the year on the route from Brussels to Zagreb, but in 2017 this route became seasonal. In the summer flight schedule in 2019, the company had a minimum of four flights a week to Zagreb. After the outbreak of the pandemic, the company announced that it would not return to Zagreb and Zadar this summer, so all flights were canceled for this year.

7. El Al (Tel Aviv)

Israeli El Al operated seasonally on the Tel Aviv - Zagreb route, but this year the route is not in traffic. The company, using B737-800 aircraft, operated 3 to 5 times a week in the 2019 summer flight schedule.

8. Emirates (Dubai)

Emirates launched the Dubai-Zagreb route in June 2018, connecting the two cities daily with a B777-300ER aircraft. The route was announced as a year-round, but in the first winter, due to weak demand, the partner FlyDubai operated on it. The route operated reduced in the spring of 2019, and in the winter flight schedule FlyDubai also reduced the number of weekly flights. This year, the company postponed the start of traffic to Zagreb from month to month, after few months the airline cancel all scheduled flights to Zagreb for this year.

9. Iberia (Madrid)

In 2018, the Spanish Iberia decided to fly to Zagreb in the winter flight schedule. In the winter of 2019, 3 direct flights per week were available on this route. In the summer flight schedule, during the peak season, this airline flew to Zagreb almost twice a day! However, Iberia has canceled all flights to Zagreb this year.

10. Korean Air (Seoul)

In September 2018, Korean Air launched the Seoul - Zagreb route, which operated via Zurich in the winter flight schedule. In the summer of 2019, the route operated 3 times a week, while in September last year there were 4 direct flights per week. The company increased the capacity on this route and used the B787-9 Dreamliner instead of the A330-200, which was also announced for this year's summer flight schedule. This carrier has also decided to completely cancel flights to Zagreb for this year.

11. Norwegian Air (Copenhagen)

Norwegian operated regularly on the Copenhagen - Zagreb route, twice a week in the summer flight schedule. The company has not resumed traffic to Zagreb this year, it remains questionable whether it will return in the summer of 2021.

12. Swiss (Zurich)

Swiss operated on the Zurich-Zagreb route in the summer flight schedule, but the company announced in the autumn of last year that it would no longer operate on this route and canceled it before the outbreak of the global pandemic.

13. CSA Czech Airlines (Prague)

The Czech national airline operated seasonally on the Prague-Zagreb route. In the peak of the summer flight schedule in 2019, the route was in operation 6 times a week. The company canceled flights on this route before the outbreak of the global pandemic, in October last year.

A total of 13 airlines did not return to Zagreb this summer flight schedule (12 if we do not count Air Asia, which was supposed to start its charter flights to Zagreb this summer). Other seasonal routes, determined due to the global pandemic, were also canceled, while some were canceled even before the outbreak (eg Eurowings routes from Berlin and Dusseldorf to Zagreb).