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12 routes, 2 aircraft and 36 weekly flights: Ryanair to open Zagreb base!

As we announced yesterday, Ryanair published today big news about the launch of Zagreb base.

We could call it the news of the year in the Croatian aviation industry, without exaggeration. The most famous European low-cost carrier is coming at Zagreb Airport, an airport which was without LCC's for years.

But with the news released today, everything is changing. Ryanair launches its first route in June, the second in July, and ten more in October! This fall, this well-known Irish low-cost carrier will have 12 international destinations from Zagreb, and it will also base two aircraft in Zagreb.

Zagreb Airport will be home of 2 Ryanair's aircraft

Given the flight schedule and the number of weekly operations, we can expect that the company will announce more new routes by September, which was confirmed at today's press conference. By next summer, Ryanair wants at least twice more routes from Zagreb!

During this fall Ryanair aircraft will land and takeoff from Zagreb to the following destinations (with 36 weekly scheduled flights):

  • Brussels Charleroi, from June 2nd, 3 times per week,

  • Dortmund, from September 3rd, 2 times per week,

  • Frankfurt-Hahn, from September 3rd, 3 times per week,

  • Gothenburg, from September 3rd, 3 times per week,

  • Karlsruhe, from September 2nd, 2 times per week,

  • London, from September 1st, everyday,

  • Memmingen, from September 3rd, 2 times per week,

  • Milan, from July 1st, 4 times per week,

  • Paris, from September 2nd, 2 times per week,

  • Podgorica, from September 4th, 2 times per week,

  • Rome, from September 3rd, 3 times per week,

  • Torp Sandefjord, from September 1st, 2 times per week.

Ryanair destination map from Zagreb

Due to the opening of the new base, the company offered promotional prices on all routes to and from Zagreb, which currently range from only 20 euros. The offer is valid only for purchases until April 1st.

Zagreb has made a big step forward with this, Ryanair will offer an enormous number of seats on its new routes to the Croatian capital and attract thousands of new passengers to the airport and city. On the other hand, this well-known low-cost carrier is introducing routes from cities to which Croatia Airlines operates as well.

Croatian Aviation would like to congratulate the Management of Zagreb International Airport on bringing the most famous low-cost airline to the Croatian capital!

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